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Women’s March: Lessons for my Niece

Last Saturday, the women of the United States sent a message to Donald Trump and his administration…WE’RE NOT GOING BACK!

Those of you who know me know I’m really quiet about my activism. My activism is to help those in need and support what and when I can. As big and bad as I may seem, I hate confrontation and I hate explaining myself.

But lately I’ve wanted to become more involved in community activism. I just don’t see why giving people equal rights and treating people with love and compassion is wrong. I honestly don’t understand why this can’t be done. I even have someone in my family that wanted to question the march and my participation. I didn’t respond. I’m not arguing or explaining why I believe that women should be treated fairly and with respect and this administration is led by a man who has treated women like playthings and dogs privately and publicly.

I took my 10-year-old niece to the march. Baby’s first protest. LOL. She was scared to go. She’s seen the news. She’s seen the tear gas and the rubber bullets. Though she’s a mini activist herself (GIRLS RULE!), she wanted no part of the march out of fear. I had to sit down and teach her some lessons about the march and the world. Here’s a couple of things I taught her:

(Disclaimer: I’m going to offend some of you. I know. But you can’t stop me from living in MY truths. And theses truths are REAL. Soooo…yeah if you disagree…you disagree.)

  1. I told her she would be safe at the march. In fact it will be THE safest protest she will ever see. Why? Because the police won’t harm white women. There I said it. There were police everywhere, but all had a happy face. They took pics. Wore pink pussy hats. There were even police on rooftops in protection…not working against the protest, but working for the protest. There’s a difference. Would I take her to a “Black Lives Matter” protest. No. Not yet. Not because of the protesters, but because of the actions of the police. Her fears calmed.
  2. I explained to her the signs she saw…even the adult ones. Don’t side eye me! She had questions and I try to be as open as possible. I know her age and some issues we will wait until she gets a little older. But believe me…some of the things her classmates talks about are far worse than a pussy!
  3. We believe in God. At the rally there were those that don’t. She questioned me about this aspect of the march. I told her people are different and they might believe and do things that are different than what you do and believe. It doesn’t make them bad people. You are not judge and jury. You treat people with compassion and love. You also do not have to argue your beliefs if you don’t feel comfortable or if you feel like you’re being harassed. She ended our talk saying the world would be much better if people didn’t judge people. Amen lil’ sis!

I gave her my cell phone (forgot the memory chip in my camera) and she took pictures of the march. Here are some she captured:


I was happy for the opportunity to participate in the march. I will participate in other forms of activism in the future including those that deal with race, LGBTQ and religious issues. I hope those issues…especially those of race and inclusion…receive just as much support as the Women’s March did. But that’s a post for another day…


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