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Netflix & Chill: A Time to Adore

I’m an ambivert. I think that’s a real term. I saw it on Facebook once and it described me perfectly. You know if it’s on social media, it has to be true. I’m a big heap of extrovert with a good portion of introvert. So when the term “Netflix and Chill” was coined, to me it had nothing to do with debauchery; though a little debauchery is good every now and then.

“Netflix and Chill” is that dash home on a long day. It’s getting through rush hour traffic. It’s kicking your shoes off at the door. It’s taking your bra off and letting the girls be free. Run a nice hot bath, drop in a bath bomb, unwind and watch a good movie or series.

I gotta have comfort when I “Netflix and Chill” alone, but you never know if someone will

Adore Me’s “Aerys” Sleepset

pop up. I’m not a huge fan of people coming over unannounced and there’s been times I’ve shut off the lights and ducked under the window sill. There also times when I don’t mind company, so even with solo “Netflix and Chill” time you have to be prepared. I love lounging in short sets and Adore Me’s sexy but comfy set, Aerys, is available in standard and plus sizes. (Plus size sold out at the time of posting. Sorry.)

Made with a delicate blend of rayon and spandex, Aerys hugs your curves and the opened draped back is accentuated with a satin ribbon. It’s a perfect blend of relaxation and seduction. The set also doubles as a bodysuit for a night out with the girls or those chill times you need to run out and get some more dip for your chips. Don’t judge. You can look sexy at the store.

Adore Me’s “Mellie” Short Set 

At times, “Netflix and Chill” is spent with my boyfriend; especially around the winter and Valentine’s season. It’s cold in Indiana and you want to snuggle with the one you love. To spark that flame, Adore Me introduces their Mellie short set this Valentine’s season.

With lace on the bust and detailed on the shorts, the camisole short set comes in four colors from steaming hot red to a flirty cobalt blue. The soft fabric lets me lay on my beau while we watch action or super scary flicks. I like scary flicks, I can pretend to be scared to get bigger cuddles.

Adore Me not only has great pieces for “Netflix and Chill”, but they have a large selection of bras, panties, sleepwear, lingerie, activewear, corsets and swimwear in standard and plus sizes. You can join the VIP subscription service for $24.95 for the first month. After your initial purchase, receive apparel once a month for one low monthly charge and you get every 6th set free. If your money is funny a month or two, you can even skip as many months as you need. Try Adore Me risk free at You won’t be disappointed.

~ Janelle

2014-08-24 18.12.32Janelle Cissell is a resident contributor to Ruby Leonne. To contact Janelle, email her at rubyleonneauthors (at) gmail (dot) com.


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