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Indy’s Activism, Economy & Art

I’m back after a  blog sabbatical.


This past weekend I went to The Black Farmer’s Market at the Indianapolis Urban League. Let me start the blog by saying this, I’m so proud of the organizers of this event and so many others coming down the pipeline. Organizations like The Black Farmer’s Market, Don’t Sleep, the Bloom Project, Inc. and GRoE, Inc. (just to name a few) are building awareness of the issues the Black community faces and building the economy within. Not only are they building awareness, but most importantly THEY’RE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! You’ll see more about these events in the coming weeks. I’m trying to hit as many as possible.

In the meantime, here’s a few pics from last weekend’s Black Farmer’s Market.

I brought my Mom; who really doesn’t know much about what’s going on with the black community outside of the violence she sees on the news. She enjoyed herself and was in awe the media wasn’t there to showcase and highlight the positives that surround our community everyday. It’s a blog for another day, but I told her it’s rare the media highlights events like this that aren’t supported by the chosen few.

I bought a few products from the day that I will be doing reviews for soon.

Next weekend in Nap is going to be LIT! We have The Wake this Friday, August 4th at the Madame Walker Theatre featuring spoken word, art, music, and dance artist from the city of Indianapolis and beyond. Per the sponsor’s, Don’t Sleep, Facebook page, the event is inspired by the book, In the Wake: On Blackness and Being by Christina Sharpe. It plans to merge art and activism. Tickets are still on sale and you can learn more information on their Eventbrite page. I got mine already!


Don’t Sleep is also hosting the Black Owned Business Block Party 2 on Sunday, August 6th featuring over 100 business, food vendors, and a farmer’s market at the Flanner House at 2424 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. in Indianapolis. More information can be found on their Facebook event page.


And last but not least (I’m sure I’m missing a BUNCH of Nap’s hot spots or organization’s events) is the Emancipation Address at The Church Within at 1125 Spruce St. in Indianapolis on Saturday, August 5th featuring keynote speaker, Elle Hearns. Admission is free so make sure to be there for this event.

I’m so excited and proud of the activism in my city.



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