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Indy’s Activism, Economy & Art

I’m back after a  blog sabbatical. This past weekend I went to The Black Farmer’s Market at the Indianapolis Urban League. Let me start the blog by saying this, I’m so proud of the organizers of this event and so many others coming down the pipeline. Organizations like The Black Farmer’s Market, Don’t Sleep, the…… Continue reading Indy’s Activism, Economy & Art

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It’s the First of the Month: November Issue

It’s the First of the Month. What are some of the hottest events in the month of November?

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Health Summit Comes to Miami

One of my new topics for Ruby Leonne is health. If you read my last blog, becoming healthy is very important to me. I want to be around as long as I can. It’s something I struggle with everyday. Hell, last night I tore up some Oreos. UGH. But if you live or will be in…… Continue reading Health Summit Comes to Miami