Resident Contributors


Takia Harrow

Takia Harrow likes stepping outside the box. Her creative mind allows her to try and be open to many things. As a poet, performer and community organizer, Harrow stays busy but always makes time for her family. She’s been married for 13 years and have two beautiful children.


Rese Hawkins

Rese Hawkins is a professional odd ball. If you’re looking for the awkward, the weirdo, and the what was she thinking kind of writer you found her. She received a degree in magazine journalism at Ball State University Muncie, IN.  She was an assistant editor for the Saturday Evening Post, writing and researching for the children’s magazine department.  She is a freelance contributor to blog sites and pursuing a career in communications consulting and digital marketing.  In her free time, she enjoys writing songs, creating musical beats, singing, searching random topics on Google and restraining herself from junk food. She also enjoys spontaneous last minute adventures to break mundane routines as an adult.  Her mission is to tell stories with a unique perception and to avoid being normal at all cost. Writing is the perfect outlet for creative freedom and she couldn’t imagine a life without it.