What is Ruby Leonne?

Ruby Leonne started six years ago as a plus size fashion blog, but it spun into so much more. After a short hiatus, Ruby Leonne website has returned as a lifestyle blog/magazine hybrid. The site will be a source of entertainment to women of all ages and document the journey of its resident contributors and guest bloggers down the road called life.

Ruby Leonne is an advocate for the feminine community as a whole. Our topics include:

Health & Wellness: Mental & Physical ~ Fashion & BeautySocial Issues: Community, Nationally and Globally ~ Pop Culture: Celebrity, Film, Television, Books, Music, etc. ~ FoodTravelSex ~ Events & Attractions ~ DIY Projects

And any other Lifestyle topic your heart desires.

Ruby Leonne is a website encompassing all those things and more. It’s a compilation of images, thoughts and life. It is the feminine story.

Wanna to guest blog for Ruby Leonne?

Want to talk about fashion? Lets. Want to talk about an awesome book you’re reading? Lets. Want to talk about sex? Wanna talk about social movements or issues? You want to engage in some deep conversation? Lets.

We’re open if you are.

Ruby Leonne is always looking for women/transgender women to share their articles, visual and personal journeys. If you would like to share your journey, visit our “Written or Photo Submissions” page of the website. If you have any questions, please contact Janelle Cissell at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com. We would love to feature your journey on our blog.