rubyleonnefjpeg.pngSo You Want to Contribute an Article (or two) to Ruby Leonne?

Ruby Leonne welcomes written and visual submissions throughout the year.

What started out as a mere fashion blog has emerged into a place where women can share their journeys. Our topics are but not limited to:

Health & Wellness: Mental & Physical ~ Fashion & BeautySocial Issues: Community, Nationally and Globally ~ Pop Culture: Celebrity, Film, Television, Books, Music, etc. ~ FoodTravelSex ~ Events & Attractions ~ DIY Projects

And any other Lifestyle topic your heart desires.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to submit your articles. In fact, we embrace average women sharing their stories with our readers.

Submit your article with your name, a brief bio (no more than 3-5 sentences), and a photo (or avatar) you would like to use in the byline. We request our articles to be 250-500 words and include your original photos. Please include original written work and/or pictures due to copyright and trademark laws. RL can be sued if they use the published or unpublished work of others. Please contact the RL staff if you have any questions on photo submissions.

We do ask for our resident columnist to submit at least two or three articles a month. If you would like to be a resident columnist, please contact the RL staff.

You will not be paid for your article unless a previous agreement has been discussed with the staff of RL and/or the submission is for a contest where money or prizes are won.

RL reserves the right to refuse any article we feel does not reflect our brand or our message. If this should happen, you will receive correspondence from us stating such.

For more information or to submit your work, please contact Ruby Leonne at rubyleonne (at) gmail (dot) com. We look forward to reading and posting your submissions.